Coaching Role #1: The Master

My last post summarized the seven coaching roles discussed by Doug Silsbee in his book The Mindful Coach. Today, I’m looking more specifically at the role of the Master. The Master is about being more so than doing. The remaining six voices live in doing. The Master provides the ground on which we stand as […]

Seven Coaching Roles in the Voice Studio: An Overview

The first life coaching book I read was The Mindful Coach by Doug Silsbee, creator of Presence Based Coaching®, an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. (Sadly, Silsbee passed away in 2018, but the program continues.) The Mindful Coach provides detailed explanations and discussion of seven “Voices” that Silsbee believed a coach should be alternating between […]

Rigid, Diffuse, and Flexible: Three Types of Psychological Boundaries in the Voice Studio

Here’s how psychologists John and Linda Friel introduce psychological boundaries: “Each individual human being should have a clearly defined boundary around himself/herself, which is like a psychological fence around us, defined by us. This individual boundary lets certain things into our lives and keeps certain things out of our lives.” Drs. Friel outline three types of personal boundaries that […]

Motivation from Mentors

I recently finished a book called Getting There: A Book of Mentors, which I found on Brain Pickings. In the book, some of the most accomplished people in a wide variety of fields share their personal journey to success. I’ve read many self-help books about goal setting and getting through creative blocks, but there was something really special about […]